Virat Kohli and Ben Stokes

T20 Cricket World Cup Savior as T20 ‘anchors’ defy the norm 2022

T20 Cricket World Cup

T20 Cricket World Cup, as T20 ‘anchors,’ Virat Kohli and Ben Stokes defy the norm. T20 cricket is a game of statistics and patterns, with international matches and franchise competitions working together to provide a picture of the best game plan. All of the statistical and tactical analysis around the format comes down to this: strike rates are king. In T20 cricket, averages have a lower importance than in lengthier versions of the game, with rapid and offensive play being more advantageous to a side.

That established notion, however, is not uniformly true, especially in international events. When it comes to the biggest matches in T20 Cricket World Cup, when the pressure is at an all-time high, there is still a place for a very special sort of T20 player.

The event that has everything – ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022

T20 Cricket World Cup

A couple of such players stand out when the dust settles on the ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup 2022. Their stats aren’t always what a T20 side would be aiming for, and only one such player may be accommodated per XI, two at most. However, players like as Ben Stokes and Virat Kohli have shown that they still have a significant role to play in the format. The unfashionable and much chastised “anchor” hitter retains a role in the sport’s most crucial games.

Ben Stokes shines once again in a World Cup final | Highlights | T20WC 2022

England won their second ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup victory against Pakistan in Melbourne, thanks to Ben Stokes’ 49-ball 52*.

T20 Cricket World Cup

As an example, consider the T20 Cricket World Cup final at the MCG. England’s aim was one they were confident of achieving 99 times out of 100.

The pressure in a final, though, is a another beast.

England needed someone to come up and keep the innings together after losing three wickets and still being a long way from victory. Stokes was brought back into the fold for just this reason. And he executed his duty flawlessly, remaining on the field at the end to score the game-winning runs, performing the role that his team needed.

Unseen film from England’s victory in the final | ICC Men’s T20WC 2022

Unseen video from England’s victory against Pakistan in the T20 Cricket World Cup final at the MCG. But in that case, you can never have too many Stokes’. England came close because to a consistent pairing between the 33-year-old and Harry Brook. However, it required unselfish, offensive striking to guarantee that the necessary rate did not become too high.

T20 Cricket World Cup

Brook attempted but got trapped on the fence. However, Moeen Ali – statistically one of England’s greatest T20 Cricket World Cup batsmen over the last two years – demonstrated the difference in approaches that a team need, scoring at a pace in excess of 140 at exactly the time his side needed fast runs to relieve pressure.

On the big stage, teams occasionally need a Stokes. They also need a Moeen.

An incredible montage of India and Pakistan’s MCG drama | T20WC 2022

T20 Cricket World Cup

In Kohli’s instance, the demonstration of his strength is evident. Kohli was at his best against Pakistan at the MCG, establishing the tone and then bursting at the end to seal the most dramatic of victories. It takes an amazing player to deliver the strokes that Kohli did on that incredible evening, especially against such high-calibre bowling. But that is exactly the point: there is always place for an exceptional player in a position like that at a T20 Cricket World Cup, even if their overall stats don’t match the patterns and current thinking about what constitutes a great T20 player.

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