Tennis Davis Cup Ban | Daniil Medvedev speaks on Russia, while Andrey Rublev explains the peace message 2022

Tennis Davis Cup

Daniil Medvedev speaks on Russia’s Tennis Davis Cup ban, while Andrey Rublev explains the peace message. At the ATP Finals, Daniil Medvedev and Andrey Rublev squared off in an all-Russian match.

Daniil Medvedev has spoken out against Russia’s suspension from the next Tennis Davis Cup and the new United Cup, which means the reigning winners of the competition nicknamed the “World Cup of Men’s Tennis” will be unable to defend their title later this month. It comes after compatriot Andrey Rublev called for “peace” after defeating Medvedev in the ATP Finals on Monday, which the world No. 7 subsequently clarified.

Medvedev and Rublev squared off in the round-robin round of the ATP Finals on Monday, the first match between two players from the same nation since 2015 at the Tennis Davis Cup. The younger Russian won for the second time against the world No. 5 6-7(7) 6-3 7-6(7). (7). Following the match, Rublev scribbled on the camera, “peace peace peace all we need,” referring to the conflict in Ukraine.

The 25-year-old has since explained his message while Medvedev discussed the sanctions Russian players are facing as a result of the war in Ukraine, as he and the 12-time Tennis Davis Cup champion will be unable to compete in the upcoming Davis Cup Finals after Russia and Belarus were banned from all team events back in March.

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When asked whether Russia’s ban is “less serious” today than it was five months ago, the 2021 US Open winner said, “It depends on what we speak about.” Certain things will always be significant. Some things are less significant than others.” While Medvedev could accept Russia’s exclusion from team competitions at the Tennis Davis Cup, he reignited the Wimbledon controversy by implying that he still disagreed with the All England Club’s decision to exclude all athletes from Russia and Belarus.

Tennis Davis Cup

“I was anticipating this decision if we speak about Tennis Davis Cup and United Cup, where we can’t participate.” If we speak about Wimbledon, I believe things may have been different,” he said. But Medvedev was preoccupied with his tennis rather than the discussion, saying, “Yeah, I believe life is already a difficult thing, and you have to concentrate a lot on yourself as well.”

The world No. 5’s statements came after Rublev left a touching note on the camera lens following just his second career victory against his countryman for the Tennis Davis Cup. “Peace is peace all we need,” the 25-year-old wrote in another protest against his country’s invasion of Ukraine, after memorably writing “no war please” on the camera at the Dubai Championships in February.

Tennis Davis Cup

Rublev has now explained his choice to compose his peace plea, saying that it came easily to him after the match. “I don’t have anything to say that Tennis Davis Cup. “I believe I’ve made a lot of comments this year,” he stated. “I’m not sure, I had an opportunity.” I’m not sure; I just did what seemed right. I had no notion or anything in my thoughts previously. That’s all. Just be yourself. I believe it is critical, particularly in our day, as I have said several times.