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World Cup Superman | Best ever cricketer for the world cup final 2022

World Cup Superman

World Cup Superman

‘He’s our Superman,’ say the British following the World Cup Superman Final about the ‘best ever cricketer’. After his exploits in the T20 World Cup Superman final, England all-rounder Ben Stokes has been dubbed the UK media’s “very own Superman.” “The big events find him,” said former England captain Joe Root in Stokes’ documentary.

World Cup Superman

And Stokes, who let the 2016 T20 World Cup Superman final against the West Indies slip away in heartbreaking fashion, was pushed back into the limelight when his team needed him the most on Sunday night.

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But, unlike six years earlier, Stokes would not be denied in the final, with his 52* leading England to a shock five-wicket victory against Pakistan. Stokes bowled the last over of the 2016 T20 World Cup final, which saw West Indian Carlos Braithwaite hit four successive sixes to secure an improbable win.


What followed were heartbreaking sights as Stokes collapsed to the ground after one of the worst meltdowns in cricket history.

“I thought to myself, ‘I just lost the World Cup Superman.'” “I couldn’t believe it,” he said.

World Cup Superman

In Stokes’ documentary “Phoenix from the Ashes,” famed commentator Ian Bishop observed, “That trauma would have crushed lesser mortals.” Stokes, who claimed that the “entire world” had come crashing down on him, refused to let the “cruel” 2016 defeat define him. “Rather than being afraid of failure, embrace it,” he said. “You learn from things like that and use them as motivation to improve and push you… That type of thing never gets to me.”

And, in front of almost 80,000 spectators at the World Cup on Sunday night, Stokes demonstrated why he is regarded as his country’s “ultimate competitor” and “World Cup Superman” in crucial situations. It’s not the first time the Kiwi-born Englishman has stood tall, with his 2019 Cricket World Cup exploits and Headingley heroics in the Ashes against Australia demonstrating his mental fortitude. “When the chips are down, when England needs a hero, their very own Superman is always present to come to the rescue,” ex-England cricketer Paul Newman wrote of Stokes.

World Cup Superman

“He was the key guy once again here, just as he was the major man behind England’s mythical 50-over World Cup Superman win in 2019, and just as he was the main man in the miracle of Headingley in the Ashes series that followed.” Former England captain Nasser Hussain said that Stokes “thrived under pressure” regardless of the stakes. “Prior to this tournament, some were claiming he didn’t have England’s greatest T20 record and were doubting his status in the team.” Who cares about his track record?” Hussain contributed to the Daily Mail.

“When you reach to a tournament’s knockout stage, you need guys who can take pressure and be there for you at the finish, and Stokes is that cricketer.” “He thrives under duress.” He likes it. He is always there at the finish, as he was at the end of the 2019 World Cup Superman. Just as it was in that year’s Headingley Test and, under contrasting circumstances, at the conclusion of that fatal final versus West Indies.

“If (England captain) Jos Buttler could have selected any cricketer to be there at the end of yesterday’s final, it would have been Stokes, and he delivered for his nation again again.” Given his repeated exploits for England, many are clamoring for Stokes to be knighted, while some have dubbed him England’s greatest ever cricketer. “I remember him telling Jofra (Archer) that it doesn’t define you when things don’t go your way, and Ben has never allowed that 2016 final push him back,” Buttler said after Sunday’s triumph.

“Is he England’s greatest cricketer of all time?” He can certainly participate in that discussion.” Stokes was in such a good mood after England’s World Cup win on Sunday night that he even made a joke about himself in that disastrous 2016 final. “Jos has now established his own legacy as the captain of a T20 World Cup Superman winning team.” [Ex-captain Morgan] had the opportunity (in 2016), but someone squandered it. I’m not sure who it was!” Stokes burst up laughing.

Liam Livingstone, who was in the middle when Stokes scored the winning runs on Sunday night, described Stokes as “quite cool.”

“He is a fantastic dude.” He has already won World Cups for England twice,” he lauded.